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Eastman Manufacturing offers a complete range of process tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for numerous applications as required by your organization. There are many industrial uses for these products, and the diversity and significance of these uses can sometimes be overlooked when considering new equipment.


Applications for Process Tanks Include:

  • Process and storage tanks
  • PVC lined tanks
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Plating tanks (fully bussed)
  • Caustic soda tanks
  • E-coat tanks

We can custom build your tanks from as small as 12” square to as large as 40’ long (15 m), and include e-coat equipment integration functions to increase their functionality for broader applications.

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Some Key Uses for Eastman Process Tanks Include:

• E-coat equipment integration 
• As part of an electroplating system 
• Process and bulk storage 

With our extensive experience in process applications, we will not only provide you with suitable equipment, but will help you design your process solution, manage your material handling, and much more. 
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