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At Eastman Manufacturing, we make it our mission to design and build your standard or custom oven to perfectly complement your production processes. Our experience over the past 20 years has taught us how integral it is to work with our clients to assess the needs of their business and work together to customize your equipment to fit your market. Our field of expertise, however, is not limited to new and custom equipment. Eastman professionals can also refurbish, repair, and re-engineer your existing oven or process equipment.


Our Team Is Qualified and Capable of Manufacturing and Handling All Types of Industrial Oven Systems, Including:


  • Batch ovens
  • Continuous ovens
  • Industrial dryers
  • Annealing equipment
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Infra-red oven
  • Aging ovens
  • Paint Drying and Curing
  • Conveyor ovens
  • Service for various sectors, including Automotive and Aerospace


Our design engineers at Eastman Manufacturing are able to custom-build ovens and equipment to match our clients' production rates, line speeds, temperature requirements, and workspace. Depending on your budget and output volumes, your industrial oven can be either gas or electric, and we can also customize your ovens to integrate an overhead or belt conveyor system.

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Eastman Manufacturing can customize an industrial convection oven, industrial oven, or continuous oven and integrate an overhead or belt conveyor system. We are able to custom build continuous ovens to match our clients' production rates, line speeds, temperature requirements and the work area that characterizes their business. We have all the solutions: curing, drying, annealing, and aging ovens can all be customized by us to suit your heating needs. There are many business considerations that go into choosing an industrial oven, and these details make a massive difference in terms of business productivity and efficiency. For example:


Batch Ovens

Batch ovens are perfect for uses such as drying, aging, curing, annealing, and forming groups of items at a time. Depending on your business applications, our engineers can invigorate aging ovens with aluminized construction, stainless steel interiors, and varying wall thicknesses depending on your required temperature ranges. We can even provide you with custom annealing equipment, for when you need to have products that are more workable and with higher ductility. They can also vary in size as your production demands, from large walk-ins to more compact cabinet ovens. 


Conveyor Oven

Our range includes conveyor ovens (also known as continuous ovens) with heating and cooling zones that are fully customizable, as per your requirements. Before manufacturing an oven, our engineers will assess your requirements and any factors specific to your facility in order to provide you with the best-fitting product for your company. As you venture into new lines of production or expand your current rates, we can easily expand your existing continuous ovens to suit new operations. 


Re-Engineering Ovens

Our team is highly skilled in refurbishing various different types of heat treating products, including aging ovens, furnaces, dryers, conveyor ovens, and annealing equipment. Our refurbishing process gets older ovens up and running quickly while simultaneously saving you time and money. We can also re-engineer your conveyor oven to support higher line speeds and to accommodate different sized parts.


Gas Ovens

Gas fired ovens are generally much more efficient than its electric alternative due to the lower average cost of natural gas versus that of electricity.  Depending on your production process, it may be profitable in the long run to switch to gas power, and our team of highly-trained experts can help you in identifying whether this is what your situation calls for. 

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