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At Eastman Manufacturing, we recognize that reliable production technology is a crucial component to the smooth and successful operation of any manufacturing business. Without that reliable machinery, a company can only hope to run at its optimal potential. Our team of experts aim to fulfill this potential by providing you with the necessary tools such as hoist lines to make up the discrepancy between your current operation and your untapped potential.


We provide the highest quality processing equipment, including custom-made hoist lines, built to withstand your specific production volumes and material handling needs. Eastman manufactures automatic programmable hoist lines and both barrel and rack lines along with multiple rail systems for both large and small-scale production facilities. We realize the important difference in equipment specifications between these two facility sizes and we do our best to provide suitable equipment, not “one size fits all” machinery which would do more harm than good to any business.


Eastman seeks to provide Turn-Key solutions that ensure our hoist lines and rail systems perform in accordance with your specifications. 


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