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Paint Finishing Equipment


Reliable paint finishing equipment is essential if you are aiming to produce high-quality products. Eastman Manufacturing will design, build and deliver a complete coating and paint finishing equipment system in accordance with your specifications. We are experts in e-coat and paint curing. 


Our paint finishing solutions include:

  • Powder coating lines
  • Drying systems
  • E-coat equipment
  • Anodizing solutions
  • Plating equipment


E-Coat Equipment


As a profitable business, you want your paint finishing equipment to be efficient and deliver high quality results. An E-coat system can deliver this quality without compromising the efficiency. E-coat equipment employs an advanced coating process that provides even coverage for even the most intricately detailed parts. It is an immersion painting process that leaves no blemishes or runs, and makes the surface of any item look naturally smooth. The high level of control and coating of this process makes using E-coat equipment a highly efficient option since it eliminates the need for technicians spending time touching up any missed areas manually.


Every product and system we create is designed to fit your production volumes, speeds and demand. Contact Eastman Manufacturing today to get your paint finishing equipment fully customized.

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