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In-house manufacturing of industrial process equipment & ovens

Established in 1992, Eastman Manufacturing has since gained ground as a leading in-house manufacturer of industrial equipment and ovens. We are proud of having an extensive client base across North America. Our specialization includes batch ovens, turn-key plating lines and specialized paint finishing equipment design and fabrication. We provide our clients a full service experience, from initial design and conception right through to the installation team unveiling the finished product.


Our brand has thrived through our acquisitions and expansions of other companies, as we have inherited not just their expertise, but their professionals who have been designing and building heat processing solutions for many years. In the years since our establishment, we strived to add to our depth of knowledge, working continually towards better quality, customizability, and capability of each piece of equipment that leaves our building. 


At Eastman Manufacturing, our company’s philosophy is always to recognize that each customer is unique. This is why we focus on customizing each piece of equipment you buy to accommodate the needs of your business, thus ensuring your production rates and profitability skyrocket. By making your equipment based on the requirements of your business and its applications, we show our wholehearted commitment to putting your needs to the forefront and giving you a product perfect for your needs.

The Wide Range of Solutions Eastman Provides Includes:

In-House Manufacturing

Standard or Custom Industrial Ovens

In-House Design Team

Turn-Key Plating and Paint Lines

Complete Installation Team

Tank Design and Fabrication

Our Commitment to Quality

Eastman's dedicated employees, with years of experience, offer optimal designs and engineering to match your requirements and operation capacities. Our devotion to customer needs sets our product line above the competition.


In-House Manufacturing for Maximum Control


Benefit from our in-house manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the highest quality in custom industrial ovens and processing equipment. Our streamlined process guarantees efficiency and precision.

Message from the president

“Our goal at Eastman is to exceed the expectations of our customers on every industrial oven manufacturer project. We continually strive to improve our cost structure, maintain our quality of craftsmanship and accelerate our product development to ensure that we are always capable of providing the best solutions to our clients, be it industrial ovens or material handling machinery. Our in-house production system ensures that we can provide only the highest quality custom industrial oven and processing equipment.”

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Our Clients
Acadian Group
ALMAG Aluminum
DEWAYNES Quality Metal Coatings
DIAMOND Aircraft
MAGELLAN Aerospace Corporation
MAGNA International Inc.
Trench Electric
TECHFORM Group of Companies
UTC Aerospace Systems