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Since 1992, Eastman has been building batch ovens, conveyor ovens, and other custom industrial oven systems in accordance with customer specifications and production factors. We take the business of customization as the serious matter that it is, putting a large amount of energy into matching the products we build for you with the particularities of your business. We do this not just because we are meticulous workers, but because we understand that all too often the downfall of an otherwise perfectly-operated business stems from a lack of suitable product equipment. We at Eastman want to ensure that this scenario never befalls your business; we will work tirelessly to ensure that it does not!


Our professionals are highly skilled individuals who have years of experience designing and modifying heat processing systems of various complexities. From monster batch ovens with aluminized construction and humidity control to conveyor ovens with stainless steel interiors and automated features – we have done it all.


If you think that you could benefit from updated heat treating equipment, or even if you are not sure what your particular requirements are - give Eastman a call today and we will work together to identify your business needs. From there, we will devise a plan to address them through a custom industrial oven that best meets your heat processing requirements. Whether that is a batch oven or any other type of heat treating equipment, we can find a solution for you. 


It is our goal at Eastman to make sure that your production processes are infused with efficiency and quality. To this end, our team of professionals will design, build, and install a custom industrial oven system that fully responds to your production needs.

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