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Elevate Production Efficiency with Custom Conveyor Ovens


Our Industrial Oven product range includes conveyor ovens (also known as continuous ovens). These ovens require a bit more real estate than a typical batch oven, but is ideal for mass production of products requiring consistent thermal processing.  Their purpose is specifically geared to processing continuously, providing direct and consistent heating to ensure a uniform end product. Our conveyor ovens are fully customizable in terms of the size, temperature range, wall thickness, and even its actual construction process. Before we start the build procedure, you will sit down with an Eastman engineer who will guide you through an assessment of your requirements and any facility factors that may be an issue. This is all done to ensure the best fitting product for your company will be the end result. As well, as you venture into new lines of production or increase your current rates we can easily expand your existing conveyor ovens to suit new levels of productivity, allowing your profits to increase without a significant increase in manpower. 


If you need a new conveyor oven for your business, or are looking to expand your operation, contact us at Eastman Manufacturing so we can assist you in realizing your vision.

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