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Eastman Manufacturing offers a wide variety of Processing Equipment, including the highest quality plating lines for both pre and post-surface treatment. Like all the rest of our equipment, our plating lines are all fully customizable to suit your business production volumes and speeds and are guaranteed to fit seamlessly into your production process. We have extensive experience building custom plating lines using a variety of materials including zinc, rack, barrel, nickel and copper. Because of this versatility our staff is able to custom build plating lines for your business using your preferred material, after taking into account the material’s efficacy as adapted into your production process.


Our plating lines allow for automation and processing tank options, with adjustable designs that allow the system to align with the required operating dimensions of our clients. Browse through our Projects portfolio to see some of the systems we have developed in the past for a variety of companies, to get an idea of the wide range and adaptability of our products.


To get your equipment set up and to get your business operating at the full potential that you envision for it, contact Eastman today and we will help you realize your vision.

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