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Pretreatment Equipment


Eastman Manufacturing Inc offers a selection of industrial washers and pretreatment equipment required in metal preparation including pre-painting, cleaning, reglazing, and degreasing.


By providing in-house design and manufacturing services, we can guarantee high-quality machinery and excellent craftsmanship. Our in-house team is able to manage a precise production timeline, always delivering the best equipment to our clients including:

  • Acadian Platers Co Ltd
  • DeWaynes Quality Metal Coating
  • Decoma-Magna
  • Liftrite
  • Systematic Tool & Die Ltd.
  • Great Western Containers Inc.


Our team has built multiple Zinc and Iron Phosphate pretreatment lines as well as industrial washer systems to industries ranging from:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Baking
  • and many more...

Eastman is a leading manufacturer providing hoist lines, belt washers, overhead rail washers, dip systems with agitation to name a few.


Our custom solutions are always catered to our client's specific needs and requirements. For more information, contact Eastman Manufacturing Inc today to learn more about our pretreatment equipment and industrial washers.

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