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Batch Ovens and Gas Fired Ovens


Batch ovens are a type of furnace that are perfect for drying, aging, curing, sterilizing and annealing groups of items at a time. Depending on your application and unique requirements, Eastman can customize batch ovens in many ways. The size of these is flexible based on your requirements, and can range from smaller cabinet and bench batch ovens to larger walk-in or drive-in ovens that can hold a much bigger group of items and can be used for a larger variation of applications.


Eastman’s experts can guide you in identifying your company’s needs and figuring out which size works best for your production requirements.


Our Batch Ovens Feature:


  • Aluminized construction and stainless steel interiors
  • Walk-in ovens or compact heating cabinets
  • Insulated floors and customized wall thickness, depending on temperature range requirements
  • Expansion of existing batch ovens to accommodate increased production
  • Design for a multiple choice of airflow patterns
  • Building electric-powered or gas fired ovens, depending on budget and requirements

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Gas Fired Ovens


These batch ovens are generally more efficient than their electric alternatives, because gas produces heat at a faster rate than electricity. This ensures more efficient production times and lower resource consumption. Additionally, due to the lower average cost of gas, as opposed to electricity, switching to the former may allow your business to see a significant decrease in overhead expenses for your production. This could be a way for your company to improve overall profit without an accompanying increase in production.

Considering such issues can make a drastic difference in your business profitability. Depending on your production rates, size and flexibility of your budget, gas fired ovens or batch ovens may be a practical choice to consider for your company. 

For more information contact us with a call today, and allow Eastman’s qualified professionals to give you a hand in determining your business needs and addressing them to increase your business profitability. We assure you that our professionals will always keep your business interests at the forefront.