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Precision Manufacturing of Standard or Custom Industrial Ovens


When it comes to industrial ovens, regardless of what type you are looking for, Eastman Manufacturing will provide it to you. We can build a standard unit, but our focus is to address the individual requirements of each project rather than provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution. There are many reasons why you should consider going for a fully custom industrial oven, be it a batch or conveyorized unit. Choosing a custom industrial oven can be more beneficial in numerous ways. Our ovens are built to last and as the industry changes and grows so may your own production needs. If you purchase a custom industrial oven we can prepare your unit for upgrades in the future that may not be possible with a standard unit.  Furthermore, even ovens that are considered standard are customized to fit your business in a few ways:

  • Size and Shape. We can find a product size that comfortably fits in your factory.
  • Configuration. We install and test the product to ensure it suits the needs of your business to the smallest detail.
  • Air flow patterns. They will have basic control packages required to meet the ESA/TSSA/B149.3FM and NFPA specs/standards.

If you simply require a basic oven set up without any special details or customization, we can outfit you with one of our high-quality ovens as quickly as possible. At Eastman, our top priority is making our clients happy by providing them with exactly what they want and need.


However, if you are in need of a more elaborate design than your typical oven, we can manufacture for you a custom one with your needs in mind. We do recommend going with a custom industrial oven that are not only tailored to meet CSA, AMS2750, and CQI-9 specifications, but also match the specifics of your production. You will also be able to request various logging options, remote telemetry, or other monitoring systems. This ensures you’re always in the know on the status of your product.

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