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High-Quality Ovens for Your Industrial Operations by Eastman Manufacturing


With expertise in building and customizing industrial ovens, we at Eastman Manufacturing also have some sturdy, reliable equipment in stock that is perfect for a variety of purposes. Here are some of our latest offerings:



Walk-in, Gas Fired, General Purpose Batch Oven


Featuring a robust, gas-fired oven that is ideal for curing and processing large batches in little to no time. With a capacity of 399,000 BTU, this bullet-proof oven is designed for heavy-duty operation and has a very long lifespan. Compliant with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) guidelines, this customized commercial oven is ready to be shipped.



Here are a few other specs of this equipment:

  • Dimensions: Width: 6’0, Height: 6'6", Length: 8’0
  • Reaches Operating Temperature Of Up To 500 Fahrenheit
  • Operates At Standard Industrial Setting of 30A, 575V/3ph/60hz

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Walk-in, General Purpose Electric Oven


This high-quality, general-purpose electric oven is designed for optimal heat treatment and curing processes. Easy to use and maintain, this hardy, walk-in oven is made from industrial-grade materials and is built to last decades. Moreover, this sturdy heated chamber is compliant with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) guidelines and can be shipped at short notice.


Here are a few other specs for this piece:

  • Dimensions: Width: 5’0, Height: 6’0, Length: 5’0
  • Reaches Operating Temperature Of Upto 500 Fahrenheit
  • Operates At Standard Industrial Setting of 45A, 575V/3ph/60h

Watch this space to learn more about our future offerings.