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Services - Turn-Key Plating and Paint Lines

In the early 2000s, we had gone on a significant run of successful projects with CEF (Chemical Equipment Fabricators). We then purchased the intellectual property of CEF, as well as employing their key staff members. Thanks to this business venture, we have been able to grow our business net even wider to include complete builds of turn-key plating lines and systems. These include:

  • Zinc Phos Barrell lines
  • Zinc Nickel Rack lines
  • Nickel/Copper lines

These all come complete with automation via Transfer and Shuttle load/unload stations. We can also provide automated hoist lines, which are second to none in our business. Hoist lines from Eastman Manufacturing are designed as a heavy-duty type to last for years, and we include all of the latest technology. They are customized to withstand the production volume and handling needs of your company, whether it is a small scale or large scale production facility.

Our plating lines allow for automation and processing tank options. Additionally, our designs are adjustable to match the operating dimensions that you need and we will use your preferred material wherever possible to guarantee that you get exactly what you are looking for.

We can also provide you with upgrades to your existing turn-key plating and paint lines in order to increase production.