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Enhancing Precision with Industrial Convection Ovens from Eastman Manufacturing


Convection ovens, sometimes also known as forced air ovens, are a type of oven in which fans are used to circulate air in various directions over the items being heated inside the oven. This process helps to distribute heat evenly around the item and also regulate the temperature, ensuring that it will be baked properly and uniformly. The key component of a convection oven is the use of its fan (or fans) to distribute the heat.  All of the ovens in our product line are convection ovens, built to ensure the final product out of your new oven is a perfect one.


Using a convection oven can also allow you to use a lower temperature setting, while not adding any additional curing time. This is managed again, by the use of fans pushing the heat from the back of the oven where the heating element is located through the entirety of the oven. Eastman Manufacturing will work diligently with you to design and manufacture the perfect convection oven for your company’s requirements.  


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Some of the factors that we will discuss with you during the design phase include:


  • Facility size. We will utilize the warehouse or factory space that you have to work with to maximize productivity while keeping with proper safety standards.
  • Production Efficiency. We will look at your production line and help design a convection oven that will take your productivity to new heights without sacrificing quality.
  • Temperature range. Our design staff will take into consideration the optimal temperature range for your product and incorporate those into your custom oven design.

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