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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Convection Ovens

December 15, 2021

Industrial convection ovens have been in use since the 1940s. They are also referred to as fan-assisted or fan ovens. This is because a fan is used to ensure uniform heat circulation. The rate at which convection ovens heat is much faster than traditional industrial ovens. Due to their many advantages, convection ovens are used across different industries and manufacturing units.

How Do Industrial Convection Ovens Work?

A stationary thermal boundary layer forms over the object heated in an oven. This boundary layer is always cooler than the air around it. This cool air slows down the heating of the object up to an extent. Industrial convection ovens facilitate faster heating by blowing away the layer of cool air around the object using a fan with a heating element. Convection ovens used for industrial purposes are generally large in size.

Applications of Industrial Convection Ovens Across Industries


Food Production

A convection oven is widely used in the food production industry. Due to the uniform and faster heating they offer, convection ovens are preferred over other industrial ovens in the food industry. The ability to control temperature is of the most beneficial factors that make convection ovens popular. The uniform heat in the chambers ensures that the food is cooked properly from the inside, yet the outside is not burnt. 


Curing Powder Coating

Powder coating is vital in many industries like automotive, electronics, and construction. Powder coating is electrostatically applied to different materials to achieve more consistent and durable finishing. After the coating is applied, it undergoes a process called curing. This process requires a certain level of heat, for which industrial convection ovens are widely used. 


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