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Conveyor Ovens 101

Conveyor Ovens 101


If you’re thinking about starting your own food processing facility, or are looking to make waves in the hospitality industry – having the right equipment is essential for business success. Conveyor ovens are typically found on the floor of food processing facilities, bakeries, and restaurants. While you might know you need one for your next business endeavor, maybe you aren’t 100% sure what they do and what they are used for.


Today we’ll bring it back to basics, answering a few frequently asked questions about your typical conveyor oven.


What are they used for?


Also known as continuous ovens, conveyor ovens do the same job as the oven you have in your home – cooking or baking your food. But unlike your oven at home, continuous ovens are used in operations that require a high volume of food product to be cooked at one time.

Businesses in the hospitality and food processing industries will typically require equipment capable of processing or cooking a high volume of food product to be cooked for later sale to retailers or directly to consumers.


How do they work?


These ovens work by moving food product through a heated chamber at a pre-set speed. The speed and temperature of the oven can be changed by the operator to ensure consistency in product results. Products can be either placed on a conveyor belt or suspended from a chain that carries the product through the heated chamber.

Before the product enters the chamber, the operator must ensure that they are placed at a distance from each other to promote air circulation when cooking. The food product is cooked by use of forced air, and radiant or infrared heating.


What are the benefits?


There are a range of advantages to having a continuous oven – they are easy to operate, offer a higher degree of consistency when it comes to final product, and are great for moisture retention in the cooking process. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of these ovens, check out our blog The Benefits of Conveyor Ovens.


Where can I find a quality continuous oven for purchase?


Eastman Manufacturing’s product range includes quality continuous ovens for sale. We understand the importance of ensuring consistent results every time. That’s why before the manufacturing process even begins, we have you sit down with one of our certified engineers to go through a proper assessment of your business needs, requirements, and facility factors. We take the time to ensure we deliver quality equipment every time.