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4 Simple Tips To Maintain An Industrial Convection Oven

October 26, 2021

Industrial convection ovens are widely used in industrial operations and other processes that require high heat treatment of materials and ingredients. Even the best-made convection ovens can break down over time, which is why it’s important that you take good care of your equipment.

Four Excellent Tips To Ensure Smooth Functioning Of Convection Ovens

Seal the Oven Doors Properly

Cooking efficiency and high energy usage dictate the actual value of industrial convection ovens. Poorly sealed doors can cause multiple problems as they allow hot air to escape, thus, decreasing baking efficiency to a great extent. You should regularly examine the oven doors for any loose hinges or cracks. High energy usage can lead to higher expenses and upkeep costs. 

Inspect the Intake Fan for Potential Issues

The intake fan introduces heat into the oven and uses the rapid-air-movement principle to process items faster than a traditional convection fan. A malfunctioning intake fan can bring many operational problems and delays, so always remember to clean the fan thoroughly after using the oven. By doing so, it will help prevent any operational uncertainties in the future.

Clean the Oven Regularly

Cleaning ovens frequently is beneficial as it helps reduce the risk of malfunctions that any remnant debris may cause. Contamination is a massive problem in industrial convection ovens because it can be challenging to clean out debris and smaller particles from the surface once they've hardened. With this in mind, you must train your employees to clean the ovens on a regular basis with compatible chemical cleaning equipment. 

Performance Benchmarking

Monitor your oven's heat levels and performance to ensure it functions properly. By doing so, you guarantee consistent product quality, avoid unnecessary costs and losses, and prevent potential product issues. For example, in high-volume commercial kitchens, it has become increasingly common to record the cooking time and use it as a reference point for subsequent performance checkups.

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