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Your Guide to Industrial Ovens: Baking, Batch, Curing, and Drying

Your Guide to Industrial Ovens: Baking, Batch, Curing, and Drying
Demand for heat treating equipment in the form of industrial ovens continues to soar throughout the industry. This is especially true as coating applications (e.g. carbon fiber) are being utilised in uncharted territories for a range of industries, all channelling into this demand.

No two industrial ovens are the same – an important measure to account for when businesses seek out the right heat treating equipment. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find unique industrial oven models substituted for use in different parts of a manufacturing process. Companies are obliged to make hard and fast decisions when it comes to the design of their industrial oven in order to augment their pipeline as best as possible.

Four Major Classifications of Industrial Oven Exist for Use in the Manufacturing Scene:


Baking Oven

Significant requests in the demand for baking ovens can be traced over the previous decade, neatly falling in line with the increased production of carbon fiber parts within the automotive industry. Baking ovens work by way of a combination of dehydration, and catalysing chemical reactions to aid in the development of the product.

Batch Oven

Seen as the black sheep of the industrial oven family, the naming convention for this oven doesn’t refer to a unique form of heat treating equipment but more so relates to its configuration. High volume heat treatment is the name of the game for batch ovens, allowing for ‘batches’ of products to undergo heating by way of carts.

Curing Oven

The act of ‘curing’ in this heat treating equipment refers to the ability to incite a chemical reaction to occur at a defined target temperature. Capabilities like this have allowed curing ovens to become notorious for their use in powder coating applications.

Drying Oven

Their tenacity to, well, ‘dry’ and extract moisture from most any product have characterised them as an ideal pre-treatment procedure to be rid of any last remaining spots of moisture.  It is also not uncharacteristic to find these employed in the final preparation for painting.
It’s fair to say that the market is trending towards specialisation for all things heat treatment. Companies, more than ever, have the foresight to replace generic ovens by instituting custom designed ones for their thermal preparation pipelines. 
We at Eastman Manufacturing stand unwavering beside such companies in our dedication to developing custom ovens that will rise to any production run challenge. The first step? Reach out to a member of our team who is assured to have the technical acuity and expertise to handle your inquiry.