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Working Principle Of An Industrial Convection Oven

February 20, 2024
Industrial convection ovens by Eastman Manufacturing Inc.

Industrial convection ovens are virtually unavoidable in commercial kitchens and industrial applications like annealing, drying, curing and many more. These ovens are large equipment that be used in the heating process. These ovens use hot air for heat treatment which often results in uniform heating and fast process. They are also handy if you need to handle large batches. In this blog, we explain the interesting working principle of such ovens that facilitate the aforementioned features.


How Do Industrial Convection Ovens Work?

Convection ovens utilize a fan to circulate hot air evenly throughout the cooking chamber. This constant movement of air ensures uniform and faster heating than in a conventional oven. The circulating hot air creates a dry atmosphere, ideal for achieving quick results. By distributing heat more efficiently, convection ovens reduce heating times, making them a favourite among busy procedures.
These types of ovens can be powered using hot water, direct and indirect gas, ultraviolet light, steam, and electricity. Electricity is the most common type of convection oven used in industries. There are heating elements placed inside these machines that generate the desired heat. There is also a temperature control panel that controls the heat generated.
As mentioned above, the fans ensure the distribution of hot air inside the chambers. The air ducts make sure there is proper inflow and outflow of the air required for smooth operation.
However, these are not the only factors that influence the operation of an industrial convection oven. The quality of such ovens is also a deciding factor. You must choose a highly reputed and experienced manufacturer to source your ovens. This is where we come into the picture.
Eastman Manufacturing Inc. boasts years of experience and quality engineers to provide you with the right type of industrial convection ovens. You can contact us to source dependable and durable industrial ovens in Mississauga, Ontario. Call now!