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Why Opt for In-House Manufacturing for Your Heat Treating Equipment

Heat treating is the process of heating and cooling metal in order to alter its properties and performance through a change in its microstructure and composition. This is done to improve toughness, refine grain structure, increase hardness, ductility, and improve machinability and wear resistance of the metal.


There Are Different Types of heat treating equipment and various industries that require this process, including:

  • Steel mills
  • Iron and steel foundries
  • Metal fabrication
  • MachineryElectronic equipment
  • Transportation equipment


We at Eastman Manufacturing pride ourselves on providing you with the best in-house manufactured heat treating equipment that you need for your business!

Materials commonly heat treated are steel, cast iron, alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and stainless steel. Of these metals, steel is the primary metal being heat treated, accounting for more than 80% of heat treating.


At Eastman Manufacturing, we have been designing and building heat treating equipment since 1992. We perform 95% of our work in-house which means we have greater control over the design and engineering processes being done to ensure the quality of the finished product. Through in-house manufacturing, our customers benefit with the following advantages we provide:

        Experience - We have been supplying heat treating equipment for more than two decades already across North America. Our expansions have enabled us to work with different industries and creative minds, making us the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

        Flexibility - Sometimes mistakes are inevitable and you realize that you have taken an incorrect size dimension for your custom industrial oven. As such, you need to call us to change it, there is no need for us to get the attention of a third party to do the necessary changes. The less people to go through, the faster the response rate.

        Cost - Designing and building any of your heat treating equipment, be it industrial oven or process tank, we don’t need to pay any extra fees to another company. Therefore, we can pass these savings to you at a better price!


We provide a wide range of processing and heat treating equipment, from industrial convection ovens to process tanks and plating lines, to suit your specific requirements and production needs. So, contact us today!