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Why Bake Bread Using Gas-Fired Ovens

Why Bake Bread Using Gas-Fired Ovens

Baking loaves of bread is an unavoidable task in a baker's kitchen. Freshly baked bread is often synonymous with the baker's culinary skills and helps gain a reputation for themselves. However, the task of baking fresh and the perfect loaf of bread is not as easy as it sounds. There are numerous steps involved and each has to be perfect. One of the most crucial aspects is how the loaves are baked. In this blog, we will highlight the importance of using gas-fired ovens for the deed.


The benefits of baking with a gas-fired oven



The even and consistent heat distribution in a gas-fired oven ensures that your artisan bread bakes evenly, resulting in a beautifully golden crust on the outside and a tender, fluffy interior. This is crucial for achieving that perfect texture and taste.


Temperature control:

Gas ovens provide precise temperature control. Unlike electric ovens where heat fluctuations can occur, gas-fired ovens allow you to maintain a steady baking temperature throughout the process. This level of control is especially important when working with delicate doughs or recipes that require specific temperature requirements.


Quick preheating:

Gas-fired ovens generally reach desired temperatures faster than their electric counterparts, saving you precious minutes during the pre-baking preparation stage.


Lower moisture control:

Cooking with natural gas produces moist air within the oven cavity due to its lower moisture content compared to electricity. This extra moisture helps lock in the moisture of your bread dough while it bakes, resulting in loaves that are perfectly moist and tender.


In addition to these benefits, some chefs argue that baking with gas imparts unique flavours into baked goods due to combustion byproducts interacting with ingredients during cooking. While this may be subjective and depend on personal preference, it adds an interesting dimension to consider when choosing your preferred method of baking. You can always turn to Eastman Manufacturing Inc. for highly efficient gas-fired ovens and continuous ovens. Call today!