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What You Need to Know About Conveyor Ovens

What You Need to Know About Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens, also known as continuous ovens, are highly useful pieces of heat treating equipment. These ovens are typically bigger than batch ovens, and are highly ideal for heat treating and processing products in bulk.


When you require quality conveyor ovens for your heat treating application, we at Eastman Manufacturing can provide you with the heat treating equipment that you need!


Characteristics of Conveyor Ovens


  • Used for various heat treating processes such as tempering, annealing, curing, and heating
  • Can provide fixed-speed or indexed stop-and-go modes of operation
  • Includes temperature monitoring and recording along the length of its chamber
  • Consists of variable temperature zones
  • Contains separate compartments for heating and cooling
  • Uses a direct and consistent cooling capacity on each of its parts


Conveyor ovens are more complex, requiring higher maintenance due to the sheer size of what must be maintained. However, the size is greatly beneficial due to its ability to provide thermal processing to an entire mass of items.


Conveyor ovens are a type of industrial oven that can be operated at a constant rate as compared to other specific ovens and is used for high volume processing. Conveyor ovens can be used for a broader set of applications that are helpful in different business productions and the industry as a whole. Processes, where conveyor ovens are involved, include drying, curing, and baking components.


At Eastman Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in our manufacturing capabilities to produce quality heat treating products for a number of clients. Whether you need conveyor ovens, batch ovens, hoist lines, or process tanks, every product that we manufacture is tailored to you and your facility.


For more information on conveyor ovens and our selection of other products, including the features and applications, feel free to browse the rest of our site or contact us today!