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What the Statistics and Trends Tell About the Heat Treatment Industry

December 12, 2018

Globally, industries are taking advantage of the huge market of the heat treatment industry. This is because of the numerous benefits that heat treatment provides when it comes to desirable physical and mechanical characteristics. According to statistics, it consumes about 17 percent of US industrial energy use and consists of 2%-15% of the total production cost. The industry’s sheer volume ranges up to $75 billion, with the sale of heat treating equipment including industrial batch ovens ranging from $4 to $5 billion. These figures indicate that the industry has a big impact to the economy of the world and governments even provide grants to manufacturers that modernize their facilities for these processes.


North America alone is the dominant player and topped list of the market share, with a $22 billion industry. This is due to the high volume of automotive parts and processes being handled in the country. The high percentage of metal, about 70 percent, in manufacturing vehicles has a huge impact over the demand for heat treatment industry.


Apart from automotive sector, there are other various industries that use industrial batch ovens in their daily processes as well.

These include the heavy construction machinery, metalworking, aerospace, mining, and many more. Majority of industry operators are smaller businesses which serve local and regional markets. As high as 96% of heat treatment companies employ fewer than 100 people according to US Census data. 


Thousands of these companies specialize in a certain segment of the industry, showing diversity and depth and trends in the sector are on the rise. The factors that played a big part in the industry’s growth are the digitalization and a globalized standard of heat treatment. Automation and manufacturing processes and technologies involving the use of industrial batch ovens have been streamlined. This makes the industry more efficient while reducing the cost of overall production. The market statistics and trends make it clear that the heat treatment sector is an integral part of numerous industrial manufacturers. Eastman Manufacturing is completely knowledgeable about this that is why we provide the best industrial batch ovens and other heat treating equipment at a reasonable price. We always listen to our customers and work closely with them. Our extensive experience enabled us to offer optimal designs and engineering to suit your heat treatment needs and operation requirements.