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What is Plating? What Are Plating Lines?

October 08, 2015

 Plating is a process that involves the coating of one metal with another one. The process is done for many reasons. Plating lines on a metal surface can be done for decoration purposes. It is carried to improve solderability, improve wearability and reduce friction. Plating lines is also done and to improve paint adhesion and alter the conductivity of the metal. For most jewellery, palting lines is mostly to improve on their appearance and make them shine. The attraction that the metal surface offers is another attaction for customers to come buy the metal and use it for beauty.

The plating processes are many and different in terms of application for use. The methods include the covering of a solid surface with a metal sheet. Thereafter, heat and pressure is applied to fuse them together. Other methods are also used like the vapor deposition that is done under vacuum. The metal surface is made to tightly grip with the surface covering. The technicians and professionals are experienced in this process because of the necessary skills they have acquired. The skills of the technicians and the respective professionals are factory made and hence they are conversant with every process. We produce quality material that is in-line with the new technology.

Customers have to choose a company that will give maximum throughput for them and their equipment. The companies should provide maintenance services to customers and make them be assured of the working of the equipment that has been sold.  The companies should also provide necessary repair services. Plating lines especially should be a repair services since most equipment undergo tear and wear due to friction. The coating again of the surface will lengthen the lifespan of the material and make them more functional. The plating line processes will involve the different processes like electropating, gold plating and many other plating processes.