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What is Electroplating?

November 14, 2018

Many industries use electroplating to coat various materials and products.  This process involves adding a layer of metal to the outside of an object, which may itself be made of a different metal or of some other material.

The process of electroplating actually causes a chemical reaction between the original material of the object and the type of coating that is being applied.  This chemical reaction causes the plating to bind with the object.

Many Metals Are Used in Electroplating, Including Copper, Zinc, Nickel, and Chrome. 

The plating can be added for many different reasons.  It may be added to protect an item from damage, to make it more durable, to prolong its life, or for aesthetic reasons.

There are several different methods used in electroplating.  In brush plating, a large brush is used to apply the plating to the base.  In tank plating, the object to be coated is immersed in a tank filled with the coating.  For each process, a customized plating line is used to take the product from start to finish and large barrels often hold the plating solution.

Eastman Manufacturing sells a wide variety of plating lines, which are customizable based on the needs of a particular industry or business.  The lines will be different depending on what products are being plated and what type of metal is used for the plating, as well as what method is chosen.  The plating lines can also be customized according to the size, budget, and needs of the particular manufacturing business.

Electroplating is an important process in many types of manufacturing, including the making of common household objects we use every day.  It is a fascinating to learn about all the components of this process and the equipment that is used to manufacture these items.