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What is an Aging Oven?

What is an Aging Oven?

 There are many types of industrial ovens, all of which have different uses in various businesses.  Eastman Manufacturing offers a wide variety of industrial oven types. While some ovens are used for actually baking food items in factories, bakeries, or grocery stores, others are used for lesser-known processes in the development and manufacturing of products, including drying, curing, and sterilizing.

There is a specific kind of industrial oven known as an aging oven. This type of oven is used in the development and testing of certain products in order to simulate what would happen to the item over time. 

The plastic or rubber product is baked in the special aging oven. The heat reacts with the chemicals that make up the material of the item and creates the same conditions as the natural wear and tear of age, but in a much shorter period.  This artificial aging helps the designer of the product learn how the product will react over time to age and use, which will help the designer make modifications and needed improvements.  

Aging ovens are important to many industries for developing and testing their products. Aging is also used to bring certain materials to the state in which they are actually used in the product.  They are often used to test and finish aluminum parts for transportation and machinery.

Aging ovens are available in various sizes and models, depending on the products and industry they are used for. The temperature, size, and design of the oven depends on its intended use. Many aging ovens are batch ovens, which are designed to process products in and out in batches on a conveyer belt or on various trays or shelves. 

Aging ovens are just another example of the many uses of industrial ovens in modern manufacturing. Find out if an aging oven is right for your business.