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What Are Industrial Gas-Fired Ovens?

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Heat treatment is used in metal fabrication, glass fabrication, and manufacturing industries. What exactly are the benefits of heat treatment, you might ask! It improves the hardness, shock resistance, and tensile strength of materials. What's more? It is also known to make material corrosion-resistant. Industrial ovens are used for heat-treating different materials. While there are various industrial ovens, this blog sheds light on gas-fired ovens. As the name suggests, these ovens generate heat with the help of gas as opposed to electricity. This particular feature makes gas-fired ovens increasingly economical. Read this blog until the end to learn three significant applications of gas-fired ovens.


3 Applications of Gas-Fired Ovens



Aging is a process that helps speed up metallurgical changes in metal alloys. Gas-fired ovens are perfect for the artificial aging of metal alloys. You can carry out flawless aging of metal alloys with the help of gas-fired ovens as you can easily control the temperature and duration of the aging process.


Drying is an important heat processing technique used to rid materials of water and moisture. The consistency and flexibility of gas ovens make them perfect for drying a wide range of materials
Whether it's drying paint on auto parts or removing moisture from ceramics, these ovens efficiently remove excess moisture without compromising product integrity.


Curing is a heat-treatment process used to accelerate molecular-level structural changes in materials. Industrial gas ovens are used for curing. Curing helps paints and coatings adhere to the surface strongly and firmly. Automotive companies use gas-fired ovens for curing coatings on the surface and parts of vehicles.
Gas-fired industrial ovens are versatile and efficient appliances that have a wide range of applications across various industries. Eastman Manufacturing Inc. is a trusted supplier of industrial ovens. We also supply batch ovens and continuous ovens. We also supply E-coat equipment, process tanks, and hoist lines. Call 1-877-860-9294 to learn about all we can do for you.