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Understanding Safety Practices around Process Tanks

May 24, 2019

Process tanks, also known as storage tanks, are large industrial containers that hold various kinds of liquids and sometimes compressed gases for either short-term or long-term storage. Typically, they operate under no or very little pressure and usually have a cylindrical shape, with flat bottoms perpendicular to the ground. They can also often come with a floating or fixed frangible roof.

There are a number of environmental regulations that are applied to the design and operation of process tanks.

These regulations can depend on the nature of the fluid or medium processed and stored within the container. This helps safeguard against potential mishaps and also work to increase cost effectiveness over time.

Process tanks are usually above-ground storage tanks, which have different regulations than those used underground. As process tanks can be utilized to hold and store a wide range of materials, including chemicals, solvents, petroleum, and even some hazardous materials, it is vital to adhere to the regulations surrounding their use. Construction of the tanks also have to meet strict industry standards and regulations.

Poorly manufactured process tanks can see its stored liquids spill, seep through the opening, or even evaporate. Some extra precautionary steps to take might be to build an enclosure area around the tank to contain any possible leakage in a safe manner.

Eastman Manufacturing has been making process tanks since 1992, which has given us the experience needed to specialize in process tanks and ensure every tank meets the highest safety standards. Our process tanks avoid these common problems because we hold our tank engineers to the strictest regulations and make our products undergo multiple inspections.

Our process tanks can be made from a wide selection of materials, such as PVC, fiberglass, polypro, stainless steel, and more. Different materials can help promote better lifespan for storing corrosive applications. We can also customize your tanks to be heated in different ways and come in different sizes.

Eastman Manufacturing continues to maintain the highest standards of safety with our customizations, giving customers complete peace of mind but also the freedom of versatility.