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Types Of Paint Finishing Equipment

Types Of Paint Finishing Equipment

With the tremendous evolution of paint finishing equipment in recent decades, the need for spending painstaking hours manually applying paint has been eliminated. Not only was the traditional method of applying paint time-consuming, but it was also inconsistent as there is always a chance of human error in such processes. 

By using the latest equipment, not only can you complete the entire process at a much faster pace, but you can also save labour costs. This can help increase your profit and grow your business exponentially. 


This blog discusses the numerous types of paint finishing equipment used across industries.



E-coating equipment


E-coating stands for electrostatic coating, and it is a painting process involving charged particles. This is one of the most effective painting processes due to the uniform coating that it offers over workpieces of varying shapes. Powdered particles or atomized liquid paints are used in e-coating equipment. The e-coated workpiece is often baked in an industrial oven for best results.


Powder coating lines

Powder coating is another industrial painting process that is highly effective. As the name suggests, powder coating lines facilitate workpieces' automatic powder coating, thus, saving time. These automated coating lines use conveyor systems to move the workpieces into the powder coating booth. Then, with the help of software, technicians can control the movement of the sprayers and the thickness of the coating to be applied.


Electroplating equipment

Electroplating is an effective process of applying a coating to metal workpieces. There are numerous pieces of equipment that help automate the electroplating process to save time and process multiple large workpieces simultaneously.

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