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Types Of Industrial Convection Ovens And Their Benefits

Types Of Industrial Convection Ovens And Their Benefits

Industrial ovens are used across industries for various purposes in today's time. There are different types of ovens available in the market, each type being used for different industrial applications.


Among the many types, the industrial convection oven is one of the most popular ones. Also known as a fan or fan-assisted oven, this oven is relied on heavily by the food processing industry.


We briefly discuss the types and benefits of fan-assisted ovens in this blog.


Types of industrial convection oven


Direct-fired: The burner or the source of heat is placed directly below the cavity of the oven, allowing it to be in direct contact with the recirculated air. The fans in the oven that are responsible for the circulation of heat, allow the heat to be in direct contact with the material being heated. The direct-fired oven allows for high-temperature heating.


Indirect-fired: In this type of fan-assisted oven, the burner or the source of heat does not release the heat directly to the recirculated air. The heat is exposed to a tube-type heat exchanger. One of the unique features of this type of oven is that it allows the material inside to be heated from above and below. 


Benefits of convection oven


Uniform heating

The fans help circulate the heated air inside the oven, ensuring uniform heating. Overheating of the material inside the oven is also avoided due to the effective functioning of the fans.


Reduced cooking time

If you are in the food processing industry, you can reduce the required cooking time by 25% with the help of convection ovens. Reduced cooking time means you can process more batches in less time, ensuring better profits and growth. The energy costs can also be significantly cut down with the help of industrial convection ovens.


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