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Types and Uses of Annealing Equipment

December 30, 2014

Annealing Equipment is a name commonly related to material science in metallurgy. It refers to the process of altering the shape and apperance of a material in order to increase its ductility and make it more workable. The physical appearance is the area that is of interest during the annealing process. However, the chemical properties of the materials is also affected in the process since the heating alters the properties of the atoms within the material. There are many compaies within North America that offer such annealing equipment to their clients. Customers have to ensure the best company is chosen for trustworthiness and relaibility.

Annealing equipment can be broadly categorized into three main processes. The metal material is first heated above its critical temperatures. Critical temperatures are the temperatures upon which any excess temperature will alter the chemical and physical properties of the material. Any slight temperature increase above this temperature then it means the material will eventually elongate. Then stable temperatures are maintained for a period of time tand then finally the material is made to undergo cooling. The cooling process can either be holding the material in the air. The cooling process can also be quickly dipping the material in water for a period of time. After the materials have undergone cooling through the process of annealing, they can then be applied to different areas of applications and use. They can be used for stamping, shaping and or forming.

Annealing equipment involves a whole chemical process that is manifested in the physical state. After heating, the atoms diffuse such that the material progresses towards the equilibrium state. The heat supplied increases the energy of the atoms and this increases the rate of diffusion of the atoms making them to break the bonds of attraction. In the process, dislocation happens and the metal hence can deform easily and this increases the ductility of the material. Companies and firms that deal in such businesses have professional who guide the customers on the best material selection and the whole process of annealing.