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Types and Applications of Industrial Ovens

Types and Applications of Industrial Ovens
Industrial ovens are used to perform a wide range of heat treatment processes. The food production industry, chemical industry and electronics industry are massively dependent upon industrial heaters for their application. It could include baking, annealing, drug manufacturing, heating, aging, curing etc.

Industrial ovens are capable of generating extremely high temperatures. However, there are many types of ovens and they can be categorized on the basis of their applications. Check them out in this blog. 

Types & Applications of Industrial Ovens

Batch ovens:

As the name suggests, batch ovens are used in heat treatment processes where the amount of heat required by a particular batch is uniform or in cases where different raw materials need to be heated in different batches. Batch ovens are ideal for processes like drying, curing, aging and annealing. Based on the requirements, the batches of raw materials can be loaded inside the oven either manually or automatically.

Drying ovens:

Drying ovens are handy when it comes to moisture removal. This type of oven helps in drying the raw material placed inside. The functioning of a drying oven is divided into three phases. The first stage is the heat-up. At this stage, the material is heated to the temperature required to remove the moisture within a specified time. The heat-up stage is followed by the soak. During soak, the raw material is left to soak in the heat for a set amount of time. Lastly, the heated air is exhausted and cooler ambient air is fed in. This stage is called the cool-down stage.

Continuous ovens:

Continuous ovens are somewhat similar to batch ovens. They can perform a wide range of heat treatment processes. Continuous ovens are used in the mass production of the same raw material that requires the same temperature. Processes carried out in continuous ovens are faster as they have separate heating and cooling chambers. 
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