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Top of the Line Pre-Treatment Systems and Industrial Washers

Top of the Line Pre-Treatment Systems and Industrial Washers


At Eastman Manufacturing Inc, our custom industrial machinery and equipment are designed precisely to client specifications and business requirements. From industrial ovens, to pre-treatment equipment and industrial washers, our selection of machinery and equipment is guaranteed to fulfill your needs. Our services include in-house manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment, turn-key plating and paint lines as well as designing and fabricating processing tanks. All of this is supported with an experienced in-house design and installation team.


Trust us at Eastman Manufacturing Inc to design and create equipment that will improve your production and manufacturing capabilities.


Our selection of pre-treatment systems features industrial washers and metal preparation equipment for pre-painting, cleaning, and degreasing. Our most recent washer features a conveyorized two-stage washing system with the purpose of washing baking pans at an estimated load of 12,000 lbs/hr.

This conveyorized washing system operates on a 60 amp, 460v/3ph/60hz power supply and a motor with 15 HP and 10 HP at 1800 RPM. For the two-stage cleaning system, the first cleaning stage is able to reach temperatures of 160 degrees F. and the second stage with temperatures of 140 degrees F. There are approximately 200 nozzles spraying the pans in different sections of the chamber with 2.5 U.S. GPM at 30 PSI. Finally, the tank can hold a total capacity of 900 gallons of liquid during operations.

This customized washing system is only an example of our capabilities at Eastman Manufacturing Inc. We have provided our services to industrial clientele since 1992 with a 20,000 sq ft. facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

We specialize in heat treating equipment, material handling, coating, and much more. If repair and maintenance is required, we are able to create replacement components for your machines as well as providing full assembly services so you do not need to tinker with your equipment.

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