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Things To Remember When Looking For Industrial Ovens

Things To Remember When Looking For Industrial Ovens


When it comes to investing in a piece of equipment, it can sometimes be difficult to choose from a selection of potentials, each offering different features. Industrial ovens can be just as hard to choose from and it is understandable why it can be such a difficult choice. Manufacturers like Eastman Manufacturing Inc will factor-in many aspects of the machine and consider consumer application, not to mention the different customizations requested by the customer.


This is why it is important to understand the product from the buyer’s perspective in order to make the right investment.


An oven is an insulated enclosure that works at elevated temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple of important features to look out for is the airflow of the oven and the loading style.

Airflow is important as it can be the determining factor of heat-treating the products evenly. The basic types of airflow come in a variety of combinations including vertical-horizontal, vertical-top-down, vertical-bottom-up, full horizontal-vertical.

Industrial ovens can come in two loading styles, batch or continuous. Batch ovens generally operate project-by-project as products are heat-treated in individual batches at a time. Continuous ovens are often found in a mass production facility where products are delivered through the oven at a consistent rate. This style of ovens often requires a higher initial investment as it is more complex and offers the potential to deliver a higher return on investment than batch ovens.

Depending on the application, ovens will have differing performances. A few factors that affect the performance of an oven includes the volume, fans and motors which all can affect the temperature and operating performance of an oven. The larger the oven, the higher CFM it requires in order for heat to be evenly spread throughout the chamber. Using the correct fans and motors will optimize the temperature and air circulation in the oven resulting in consistent heat-treatment of your products.

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