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The Working Principle Behind Gas Fired Ovens

The Working Principle Behind Gas Fired Ovens

Despite the impressive development of modern equipment with advanced technologies, conventional ones, like gas fired ovens, still prove their quality and importance every day. They combine the efficiency of convection technology and the power of direct heat.


Gas fired ovens are perfect for commercial and individual use. They offer great advantages that include:


Availability of supply - gas is naturally available, convenient to handle and can be processed very easily.

Convenience in operation - you don’t have the difficulty of maintaining heat since you can simply adjust the heat control to either increase or reduce the temperature evenly.

Maintenance - gas fired ovens need low maintenance and can be checked or serviced all at once.


Gas fired ovens come in two major types: direct fired and indirect fired. The difference between the two lies on how the burner is being fired. In a direct gas fired oven, as the name suggests, the burner is directly fired into the air stream where products of combustion mixed with recirculated air. With this type, the load is affected by the products of combustion.


An indirect gas fired oven, the burner is not directly fired into the air stream but into a radiant tube heat exchanger. The products of combustion don’t come into contact with the recirculated air within the work chamber. Direct gas fired ovens are preferred by many users. Here is how it works.


в—Џ        The heat is generated by gas burners which is placed inside the work chamber, both above and below the baking conveyor.

в—Џ        The baking conveyor is then preheated by the burners. The effectiveness of preheat is very crucial in this sense because the short baking time needs an instant heat transfer from the baking conveyor to the product.

в—Џ        The burners can also be equipped with inverter and ventilator. The power can even be adjusted with the most suitable ratio (1:3) to achieve the best baking diagram.

в—Џ        This type of oven is useful for baking that requires high temperatures up to 400°C. It is great for cooking flatbread, pizza and similar products.


At Eastman Manufacturing, we fully understand that each business is unique and needs special equipment for special applications. This is why we provide customization for our product range, including our gas fired ovens. This is to ensure the production efficiency and profitability of your business.

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