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The Work of an Industrial Convection Oven

January 26, 2018

The basic function for an industrial convection oven is a very simple and obvious concept: it really is, like any other oven, simply a chamber that is able to hold heat within its walls. And yet, thanks to its size and significant heating capacity, an industrial convection oven is capable of doing a lot more than a standard oven, which is why they see normal use in a number of different industries.

An Industrial Convection Oven Might Be Used for Anyone of Several Purposes:

  • Curing Ovens - This type of industrial oven uses heat to trigger a chemical reaction on a substance spread over a product’s surface. The heat attached and hardens the coating, triggering a bonding process that can be used to reinforce or evenly decorate metal products.
  • Drying Ovens - This oven, also known as a kiln, is designed to remove all moisture in a given area. This is an extremely useful when working with ceramics, and for a wide variety of similar purposes.
  • Reflow Ovens - This is a highly specialized type of convection oven specifically for printed circuit boards. In these models, the soldering on the boards is reheated to solidify it during the mounting process.
  • Clean Room Ovens - A clean room oven operates like a reflow oven, but is incinerates dust and other particles.

Because there are several different types of industrial convection oven, they see use in several different industries, and make up a very important part of coating, baking, curing, and drying processes, along with several others. Their size and versatility means that the basic function of applying significant levels of heat evenly can be used in a great many different ways. If you’d like to learn more, or to begin work on an industrial oven custom-designed for your own production line, feel free to contact us today!