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The Work of an Industrial Convection Oven

February 12, 2018

 In essence, an industrial convection oven is a large chamber that is able to hold great heat within its walls. This heated chamber has a number of vital uses in a manufacturing and construction, such as drying, curing or baking not just soft products but hard metal items.


The following are but some of the common uses for industrial convection ovens in North American industries.


·        Curing Ovens. This type of industrial convection oven uses heat to trigger a chemical reaction on a substance spread over a surface. One such example is powder coating a metal surface. To attach and harden the powder coating, the whole painted surface needs to be run through a curing oven so that the convection process triggers the bonding process.


·        Drying Ovens. This type of industrial convection oven is designed to remove all moisture in a given area. Another name for this type of industrial convection oven is a kiln. The ambient temperature in the oven depends on the material being dried. Extreme temperatures are often used for ceramic kilns or industrial convection ovens.


·         Baking Ovens. Industrial convection ovens can function both as curing and drying ovens. This means that the temperature within the industrial convection oven would trigger both a chemical reaction as well as remove moisture.


·         Reflow Ovens. This is a highly specialized industrial convection oven specifically designed for printed circuit boards. In this type of industrial convection oven, the soldering on the boards is reheated to solidify it as the boards are mounted.


·         Clean Room Ovens.  This type of industrial convection oven operates like a reflow oven, but provides enough heat to eliminate any bacteria or virus. It also incinerates dust and other particles. 


An industrial convection oven is often a work horse in the manufacturing setting. The work can either cure, harden, dry or bake materials for use in other applications. Have any questions or want to learn more?

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