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The Greatest Benefits of Industrial Conveyor Ovens

The Greatest Benefits of Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Ovens can be found in different industries that require extremely high temperatures during the production. Some uses for these ovens include drying, baking, curing, heat treating and preheating, bonding, annealing, tempering and stress relieving, and aging products. The most noticeable difference is between batch ovens and conveyor ovens. Otherwise known as a continuous oven, these ovens are essentially batch ovens that operate by continuously moving products while providing direct and consistent heat to the products.


Here are a few benefits of using conveyor ovens compared to a batch oven.


High Volume Production

With a batch oven, the product is placed statically within a heated chamber for a certain amount of time before being manually removed. Although a large number of products may be placed in the oven at once, the process of removing the products halts production for a small amount of time which may affect the overall productivity of the company.

On the other hand, a continuous oven has the ability to boost the levels of production by constantly moving products in to, and out of, the oven while being continuously subjected to the heat required for the product while maintaining the same speed traveling through the oven. There is no downtime and the operation is completely automated.



One of the greatest benefits of conveyor ovens is the ability to be operated completely without human supervision. Products automatically travel through the oven via conveyor belt or hooks depending on the business requirements. As a result, products are heated consistently throughout the production line, leading to a more consistent product with fewer defects.


Process Flexibility

Continuous ovens are customizable and extremely flexible to the business processes. Conveyor speeds can be changed to move the products slower or quicker through the oven. Temperatures and air flow can be changed for longer or shorter heating and cooling zones in the oven.


At Eastman Manufacturing, our ovens are completely customizable to your business requirements from size and temperature range to the wall thicknesses. Contact us today to consult our engineers about an oven that suits your specific needs.