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The Fundamentals of Industrial Ovens

The Fundamentals of Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are heated chambers. Ovens are used for a variety of purposes that include, but are not limited to, drying, aging, curing and baking.


Industrial scale ovens are used on a large scale with large items or several small items being processed at once.


Industrial batch ovens are only one of three categories of ovens. The other two are laboratory and industrial batch ovens. Such ovens can be used in various applications such as chemical processing, food production, coating, aging and more. These ovens are sometimes shaped as insulated tunnels. Oven loading configurations take two forms, continuous or batch ovens. They are powered using a number of energy sources such as electricity, gas, steam and oil. To ensure the oven chamber or tunnels are heated, most industrial ovens use fans that distribute hot air evenly throughout the interior of the ovens. Continuous ovens sometimes use conveyor belts to transport items through different heating stages in the oven.


The airflow in ovens are also pivotal in how they function. Airflow greatly affects the finished product in ovens. Airflow directions can be horizontal, vertical, and top to bottom or bottom to top and signify from where hot air enters the oven and where it exits the oven, aka the supply and return ducts. All Industrial ovens have one thing in common about airflow. The air needs to pass through the oven with minimal resistance and interference from the supply duct to the return duct.


The common types of ovens include:

  • Curing ovens
  • Drying ovens
  • Baking ovens
  • Reflow ovens
  • Batch ovens
  • Conveyor or continuous ovens and;
  • Clean room ovens, which are, used in semiconductor manufacturing or biotechnology processes.


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