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The Essentials of Hoist Lines

The Essentials of Hoist Lines

Hoist lines are instrumental in construction and manufacturing processes. Reliable production technology is a crucial component to the smooth and successful operation of any manufacturing business, which is why Eastman Manufacturing provides top of the line equipment such as hoist lines to help businesses tap into more of their potential.

Here are some essentials about hoist lines, and what makes them so indispensable to industry:

1. The lifting mediums used for hoist lines are either wire ropes or load-chains. The wire rope is wrapped around a drum while the load-chain is raised by a pulley.

2. When it comes to the kind of power used to operate hoist lines, it can be sourced in different ways. The most common means include electrical, hydraulic, and air driven motors.

3. Hoist lines can either come in manual or automatic settings. Eastman manufactures automatic programmable hoist lines with multiple rail systems for both large and small-scale production facilities, for optimal efficiency.

4. Hoist lines can be made as standard package units for moderate use, or they can be custom-built for extra durability and better performance. While custom-built hoists are a bit more expensive than packaged hoists, they are more durable and easier to repair. Moreover, they are designed for severe and heavy service. On the other hand, packaged units are designed for light to moderate use but over the years have been improved to be more durable as well. In fact, NASA Astronaut trainees utilize cranes with integral-packaged hoist lines during their training simulations.

Hoist lines have a number of applications in different industries. If you are working in heat processing, Eastman provides the highest quality processing equipment. These include custom built hoist lines that are made to withstand your production and material handling needs. We understand that equipment specifications between small-scale and large-scale production lines differ. As such, we always ensure that you get the most suitable equipment for your facility.