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The Difference Between Conveyor Ovens And Batch Ovens

The Difference Between Conveyor Ovens And Batch Ovens

Industrial conveyor ovens have a wide variety of configurations. These types of ovens can be used for so many types of heat processes, including annealing, drying, aging, forming, and bonding - to name a few. Conveyor ovens can operate at high production rates whether the configuration is horizontal or vertical, while the loading of products can be done automatically or manually.


Conveyor Ovens - Also Known as Continuous Ovens - Differ Considerably From Batch Ovens.


While conveyor ovens do require high initial costs, this helps in the large production of products in the long run. The continuous conveyor oven is one of the most ideal types of industrial conveyor ovens because it does not need to be loaded, unloaded, heated and cooled continually. This can actually give you relatively more savings in terms of labor and energy costs.


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Here Are a Few Differences Between Batch Ovens and Conveyor Ovens


Industrial Applications

For large volumes of work where you have relatively smaller pieces and with almost the same physical size, composition and shape, then the best choice would be a conveyor oven. However, if the shapes and sizes of the pieces are varied and would need different production rates, then the preferred choice of oven would be the batch oven.


Allocation of Labor

If you can automate the production line or certain sections of the process, then you should opt for the conveyor oven. This will also help reduce the time of work to a minimum. However, if you need a larger operation, you should then go for a batch oven. The batch oven takes more manpower in the staging of the racks and also in other steps needed for the operation to finish.


Oven Space Dedication

You’ll be needing a conveyor oven if the allocated area is just enough space that can hold the oven and the cart. This is true especially if the unit is separate from the automated equipment. However, the presence of shelves, carts and other attachments will need a greater physical space. In this case, a batch oven is needed.


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