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The Basics of Batch Ovens

The Basics of Batch Ovens

Batch ovens are a special kind of thermal use equipment furnace. Batch ovens perform a number of tasks in either a manufacturing or laboratory setting. These functions include aging, curing, drying and other applications.

The following are some of the types of batch ovens.

a.       Laboratory Batch Ovens. This kind of batch oven has a temperature range of room temperature to 343 degrees Celsius.  Its special features include positive latch doors, pressure release panels, interiors made of stainless steel, specialized controller and contactors. This type of batch oven often has an epoxy-treated chemical-resistant coated exterior to retain heat.

b.       Industrial Batch Ovens. This kind of batch oven has been known to generate internal temperatures between room temperature to about 676 degrees Celsius. There are two subtypes of industrial batch ovens - the shelf/cabinet and the truck/walk-in. The interiors are often built from aluminized steel, ducting works, and set point controllers among other things. The sheer size can thermally process large numbers of products at any one given time.

c.       Conveyor Batch Ovens. This type of batch oven is made specifically for one product or item at a time. In this type of batch oven, the internal heat generated can reach about the same level as an industrial batch oven. The main difference is that as the product passes through the conveyor system, with the ovens spread evenly across the production line.

The three types of batch ovens have differing abilities. The laboratory batch ovens are often a room, while an industrial batch oven may be a whole floor. Conveyor batch ovens on the other hand have rooms set up with a common conveyor system running through them. In all these batch ovens, heat does the work in a contained environment, for everyone’s safety. Of all the service providers for batch ovens, Eastman Manufacturing is among the top ranked in the country. With professional machinery and professional service, they are the right choice for any batch oven questions or concerns.