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The Basics Of An Industrial Oven

The Basics Of An Industrial Oven

 An industrial oven is not just one defined piece of manufacturing equipment. It is a whole gamut of designs and equipment with complex technical information. Thus, trying to capture the definition of an industrial oven is a big task.

Here are some of the basics you should know about an industrial oven:

a.       Size – A traditional oven is differentiated from an industrial oven by the size of the latter against the former. A traditional oven is often used in a home or at most, a business setting. An industrial oven on the other hand is able to perform the tasks of a traditional oven many, many times over. Aside from the sheer physical size, an industrial oven can provide consistent heat over a large area.

b.       Maintenance – An industrial oven requires special maintenance protocols. The sheer size of the equipment would mean shutting down the equipment, using specialized equipment to clean it, and checking each working component in the system. This is not just for everyone to do. The individual undertaking the maintenance work needs to have training and certification to perform the work.

c.       Cost – An industrial oven, by its sheer size, would logically cost more. The cost isn’t just about the equipment, but in the cost of maintenance as well as operation. The need for specialized maintenance care increases the cost of the upkeep of an industrial oven. Furthermore, the cost of heating an industrial oven is exponential compared to a traditional home oven.

This piece of equipment is for large scale operations which involve cooking, curing or baking. The size of an industrial oven, and the maintenance it requires, separates itself from other types of ovens. At Eastman Manufacturing, we’re able to design and manufacture an industrial oven tailored to the needs of you and your facility. We offer a range of industrial ovens including batch ovens – both electric and gas fired – and conveyor ovens.