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The Advantages of High Quality Heat Treating Equipment

The Advantages of High Quality Heat Treating Equipment

When it comes to heat treating equipment, your enterprise needs to rely on high-quality and reliable products. At Eastman, we take pride in locally manufacturing quality equipment including ovens, lines, and tanks.

We can ensure that your business relies on the right heat treating equipment, installed and customized to your specific process requirements anf facility. These are some of the advantages we offer:


1. High-Quality Built and Design

Mass manufactured heating equipment is designed to accommodate quite a very wide range of processes. It can present many issues when adapting to a specific process. Custom built heat treating equipment with Eastman is designed and installed to fit perfectly within your facility, taking into account process requirements, constraints and the final product. Every detail is factored into the design and manufacturing of lines, ovens, tanks and finishing equipment.


2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Heat treating equipment should always match your production rates, line speeds, temperature requirements and available workspace. It helps to increase productivity and efficiency by producing precise and consistent results and eliminating or minimising waste.


3. Built to Last
Unlike standard-made heat treating equipment, customisation enables your business to have high-quality equipment that is designed and built based on your needs and specifications. This allows steady growth and production that keeps up with ideal capacity, operation time and temperature. With high quality materials and skilled manufacturing, Eastman’s heat treating equipment can withstand and meet any required temperature range, volume, and duration.


4. Room for Upgrade
With custom made heat treating equipment, each unit can be made with upgrades in mind. Intelligent design allows advance preparation for upgrades or adjustments to meet the growing needs of your production process. This is highly beneficial when scaling up, undertaking new production lines, or setting increased production rates.


Learn more about high quality heat treating equipment with Eastman Manufacturing, contact us today to speak with an expert or to request a quote.