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The Advantage Offered by an Industrial Convection Oven

 An industrial convection oven is a heat treating machine that is commonly used in the food industry. This kind of oven works by using fans to circulate and maintain a constant flow of warm air. In many cases, it is possible to take an already strong production line, and improve it with an industrial convection oven – without sacrificing the quality of the end product. These products are incredibly popular, and offer a significant advantage to those who take advantage.


There Are Many Benefits To Using an Industrial Convection Oven, Including:


  • Faster Cooking Rate - The design of these ovens means that you can use lower temperature settings than standard ovens and still finish at the same time. They cook and warm food faster, offering a much better productivity rate compared to normal ovens – and noticeably better energy efficiency.
  • Even Heat Distribution - An industrial convection oven works by circulating the flow of warm air and heat. There is, therefore, no ideal spot to place an item inside; the entire oven will be heated evenly, adding an element of reliability and consistency to the end result.
  • Custom Design by Facility - The potential temperature range and size of any industrial oven can be easily customized to produce consistent and ideal results for the facility it’s been built in. This means that after the oven has been properly installed, the change to productivity will be immediate, and will be consistent for as long as the oven works at its full capacity.


Eastman Manufacturing has been working with industrial ovens for twenty-five years, and they are our specialty, without a doubt. We are proud to offer convection models designed to your exact specifications, to increase your productivity in a way that has been custom-made for your needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can benefit your business, feel free to give us a call today!