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Signs Your Industrial Convection Oven Needs Repairs or Replacements

April 15, 2021

For fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing companies, an industrial convection oven is essential for key production processes. If these machines were to break down, you may face some critical logistical problems. Never miss a beat from your deadlines by identifying the crucial signs of breakdown in advance so that you can preemptively strike.


Proper Upkeep and Maintenance Can Help You Keep Your Industrial Convection Oven Running For Long

Inconsistent Heating

An industrial convection is used to "bake" and reinforce the raw materials of products before the rest of the manufacturing process can commence. Irregular heating will result in abnormal product outputs, which can cause huge challenges in re-queuing your previous workpieces. To avoid work process delays, always check if the oven has consistent heating.


Does Not Turn On

Most ovens work with gas tanks. However, mechanical difficulties can cause gas lines to leak, leaving ovens without necessary power. Electric heating industrial ovens will likely have circuit damages that prevent them from powering on. You will want the best-trained technicians to look into your ovens to identify the primary issue.


Fumes and Unusual Smells

Like regular ovens, industrial convections can leave burnt or unprocessed residue from previous workpieces. It's crucial to always clean the oven's internal chambers before another operating day. However, some stubborn residue can be challenging to remove. These residues are often the source of dangerous chemical products. You may need to replace your ovens if the damage is irreparable.


Clunky Mechanical Components

All ovens must have proper sealing. Its door must close completely to prevent heat from escaping. If your oven is suffering from clunky and rusted mechanical components, including conveyor wheels in conveyor convection ovens, work with a dependable oven manufacturer, such as Eastman Manufacturing, to get the best replacements.


Get the Best New Replacements from Reliable Manufacturers

You can always count on us at Eastman Manufacturing for all your industrial equipment and convection oven needs. Contact us today to learn more!