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Should I Purchase a Gas or Electric-Powered Industrial Oven?

Should I Purchase a Gas or Electric-Powered Industrial Oven?


If you’re in search of an industrial oven, you’re probably wondering if you should go gas or electric. Gas fired ovens are chosen over electric oven types as they are cheaper to maintain, reduce operational costs, and when they are well-suited to the preexisting equipment utilities within the facility. Electric powered ovens are chosen over gas fired ovens when your applications require higher operational efficiency at low-temperatures, and if you’re looking to cut down on upfront costs.


In today’s blog we’ll broaden your understanding of the main differences between gas and electric powered industrial ovens to better inform your final purchasing decision. 


Gas Fired Ovens

One of the primary reasons why you might choose a gas industrial oven is because gas costs less than electricity. While it may cost more to build gas ovens, they tend to save you more in the long run - especially if daily operations require you to bring product to high temperatures frequently. Gas ovens also hold their heat better than electric powered ovens, making gas ovens the optimal choice for products that require longer dwell times. 

Electric Powered Ovens 

Electric powered ovens are superior if your daily operations require curing at low temperatures. Electric ovens are more efficient than gas types at lower temperatures. Electric ovens also do not require explosion relief. Explosion relief acts as a precaution to mitigate the risk of an explosion from occurring in gas ovens. Luckily, with electric powered ovens you won’t need to spend the money and time on additional explosion relief installation.


Closing Thoughts

In the end, you must ultimately assess your individual facility needs and see which industrial oven type makes the most sense for your regular operations. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll need the services of a quality industrial oven manufacturer.


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