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Refurbishing Your Aluminum Aging Ovens

Refurbishing Your Aluminum Aging Ovens

Aging ovens have been widely used to harden aluminum in most  aluminum industries. They are part of the numerous industrial ovens that complement the production applications perfectly. To satisfy the diverse and flexible requirements of the industry and our customers, most manufacturers export and supply a broad range of quality-assured aging ovens. Some of the aging oven manufacturers can customize your oven to your specifications as they are dedicated to designing, engineering and installation. Most of them have an in-house manufacturing facility to prevent outsourcing components, hence retaining control over quality, cost and delivery.

At Eastman Manufacturing, our goal is to meet the application requirements on every industrial aging oven project. We continually make every effort to accelerate the aging oven development, improve the cost structure as well as preserve the quality of craftsmanship. Whether it is material handling or aging ovens, we strive to provide the best oven solutions to our customers. Our capabilities also include re-engineering, refurbishing and repairing used and existing aging oven systems. Our certified team of professionals are also capable of handling and manufacturing all models and makes of aging oven systems including industrial convection ovens, batch ovens, industrial furnaces, infra-red ovens, industrial dryers and annealing equipment.

Not all manufacturers can perform an extensive refurbishing work on the different models and makes of thermal treating equipment such as aging ovens, conveyor ovens, furnaces, dryers and annealing equipment. At Eastman Manufacturing, the refurbishing method gets older industrial ovens up and running while saving the client money and time. There are various contemplations that one needs to consider before acquiring an aging oven such as the temperature requirement, application and price of the oven. Depending on the application temperature requirements, different models and makes of aging ovens with aluminum constriction come with varying wall thickness. The higher the temperature requirement, the thicker the walls.

Some manufacturers have their engineers work step by step with their clients in designing and engineering process to develop specific aging ovens for their processes. Custom made aging ovens are designed to match the working environment area, temperature and production rates. The various makes and models are powered differently depending on the specific application area. The gas fired aging ovens have been found to be more efficient as compared to the electric based ovens since the cost of natural gas is lower than that of electricity.