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Reduce Production Costs with Continuous Ovens

April 27, 2017

 Continuous ovens are used for a range of applications such as drying, annealing, tempering, heat-forming, and curing. They are quite popular and there are many industries which make use of these ovens, and some of them are the automobile industry, the aerospace industry, fiber optics, printing, and others.

The entire goal with continuous processing is to reduce the heating time. If you can reduce the heating time by using a higher temperature, then moving to a continuous process is going to increase your efficiency and at the same time decrease your production costs, which is what every industry requires.

Great for High Volume Productions

Types of continuous ovens include among others, chain conveyors, spindle, ferris wheel, wash-draw furnaces, and others. These continuous process ovens are designed to be able to move products through the heat zone and operate at temperatures ranging up to 600°F. Industrial ovens are available in all shapes and sizes, and typical applications include curing, drying, aging, and annealing. Continuous ovens offer the benefit of being operated at a continuous rate (hence the mystery behind their name), and this makes them more economical for high-volume productions.

These particular ovens are well suited to applications requiring less handling. The beauty with continuous ovens is that customization ensures you get exactly what you want. Why not discuss your requirements with the highly skilled team at Eastman Manufacturing? Our industrial oven product range includes continuous ovens which are ideally suited for mass production of products which require consistent thermal processing. 

All ovens are customizable in terms of the size, wall thickness, and temperature range. Always find a reputable vendor with well-equipped facilities who test ovens before they are shipped away. If your business is looking for continuous ovens, why not allow
Eastman Manufacturing to bring your visions and aspirations to fruition?