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Purposes of heat treating equipment

March 18, 2015

Heat treating equipment is used to change the molecular and physical structures of different metal components. This is done by varying the temperature precisely to get the desired results as it also increases the durability and strength of the metal components. The components are kept at high and low temperatures for a long period of time before bringing them back to the average room temperature. The thermal treatment equipment is custom designed with precision for the right functionality and exact fit. The process makes no change on the shape of the metal components as it increases the components' strength for use in stressful and high demanding applications. For example, the suspension parts used in aerospace technology and high performance automobiles have undergone various heat treatment processes like annealing, hardening, tempering and softening.

It’s important if a business wants to survive in this fast paced world to have advanced heat treating equipment like furnaces and burners. Eastman Manufacturing Inc. offers high quality custom designed thermal treatment equipment that is tailored to your budget and personal needs. Some of the process equipment include salt bath furnaces, melting furnaces, and oven furnaces. Reliable gas burners have been designed as efficient heating instruments meant for the majority of cookers, ovens and tanks. They facilitate consistent heat levels which increases the production of durable and quality metal components. Some of the heat processes like plating will require the use of up-to-date heat treating equipment.

Different heat treating technologies have features which facilitate optimum performance while providing slow fuel consumption. Salt bath furnaces generate an oxygen free heating process for steel as they drastically decrease oxidation, scaling work and decarburization. Melting furnaces are used for melting salts for quenching, tempering and heat treatment. Metal furnaces are also used to liquefy metals such as lead, babbitt and solder under low temperature. These soft metal furnaces can be used for art, sand and permanent mold casting. Depending on your personal demands and budget, seek the advice of Eastman Manufacturing Inc. for cost effective and quality heat treating equipment.